Hey, you! My site is undergoing some changes these days, so I decided to do a quick update. I currently work in food & beverage branding, in addition to the usual freelance writing gigs. The usual side gigs of photography, a home health business, and my own portfolio writing has continued, and I’m happy to report my latest pilot Scapegoat was honored by Columbia University’s 2019 Blue List, a screenwriting competition for the School of the Arts film alumni. I’ll let you know what comes of it all :)

Tenacity, along with a love/hate relationship with challenge, landed me a seat in the 2010 fall class at Columbia University, where I was granted a dream wish: the ability to focus 100% of my energies toward filmmaking. Pretty effin’ neat.


I moved out to Los Angeles in the fall of 2013 and remotely finished my master's. Currently I live in the San Fernando Valley, still writing, writing, writing. In my spare time I browse guitar shops, go to the movies, work out, take advantage of Taco Tuesdays, read, binge-watch TV... ;) I feed my soul by playing guitar, bass, and mandolin, which cures my writer's block. Try it! I bet artistic expression chemically releases creative problem solving ideas. Thanks, brain!

So that's me in a nutshell. Consider subscribing to The Blog so you can receive updates. I am happy to be back writing some sort of prose ;) Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned.

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